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We are an e-atelier concept based in Germany with the mission to support conscious living for us and the generations after us. At Dance de Minuit, we are bringing beautiful and organic products to your living space. From handcrafted towards 100% natural materials - our vision is to enable craftsmenship and local production.

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  • An old legend says…

    The old Native American legend says that all our nightmares can be caught by a net of hand-pulled feathers carefully hanging over our beds. 

  • 5 adorable hairstyles

    This season is all about big, natural and handmade scrunchies. Either you are fan of French braids, messy ponytails or beach waves, adding scrunchie to your look is this year’s essential.

  • Meet Chabi Chic

    Morocco has always been recognized for the richness of its craftsmanship. Lately Moroccan artisans were able to adapt to the demands of the international clients and reorient their art towards different cultural trends.

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