5 adorable summer hairstyles

This summer season is all about big, natural and handmade scrunchies. Either you are fan of French braids, messy ponytails or beach waves, adding pastel scrunchie to your summer look is this year’s essential. Glam up your summer look with our 5 adorable hairstyles.

1. Messy Adriatic ponytail 

Pull your hair into a messy ponytail and secure it with the elastic hairband. Try using a dark elastic hairband to match with your scrunchie. You can create a messy look by either spraying your hair before pulling it into the ponytail or curling it beforehand. Once your ponytail is there, fold it underneath the elastic band and secure it with your Adriatic Blue scrunchie. Now you are all glammed up!

2. Coco-French braid

Pull your hair into a low ponytail, secure it with a darker elastic hairband and braid your hair. Depending on your hair length, decide whether you will braid it the French or the Greek way. Fix your braid with an additional elastic hairband, fold it underneath and secure with your Coconut Brown scrunchie.

3. Lavender rope

Pull two sections of your hair from the side into a slim ponytail. Make sure that the  rest of your hair is untouched, however try to curl it or spray it beforehand to create a beachy look. Once you fix your ponytail with your Lavander scrunchie, take one small section of your ponytail hair and rope it around your ponytail. Depending on your hair length, you will rope it around until the end and fix it with the bobby-pin underneath the roped hair. Et voila.

4. Champagne o’hair

No time for sophisticated hairstyles? Quickly spray or curl your hair to create a messy look. Pull your hair in upper, messy ponytail and fix it with your Champagne Beige scrunchie. If you have different color layers of the hair, make sure you highlight it by rotating the sections of your hair to showcase your beautiful layers.    

5. Rose ballerina look 

Not a fan of a messy look? Pull your hair into lower ‘clean’ ponytail and fix it with the bright elastic band. Depending on the hair accessories, either create a ballerina bun by roping your hair around the elastic hairband or fix a bun with the help of the bun sponge. Fix a bun with your Rose Pink scrunchie. 


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