Behind our first lookbook: WHITE SUMMER

The summer is coming and we cannot imagine our sunny days without our favorite color: white! Whether wearing white long summer dresses, white sneakers or having white tableware, the summer beautifully carries this color of simplicity, piece and freedom.

At Dance de Minuit, with white we always try to bring more elegance to the summer season. In expectation of the upcoming summer, we have created our first lookbook, called WHITE SUMMER. When we started thinking about how our lookbook shall look like or what feelings we would like to trigger, we knew that we simply cannot miss out on elegance and calmness in this book of inspiration. 

The idea of bringing white flowers and golden jewelry into photography enabled us to showcase the elegance and beauty of our handmade ceramics while keeping the simplicity, passion and spirit of the local artisans who stand behind their beloved tableware art. 

With this lookbook, we hope to inspire and delight all of you, not only to purchase one or another of our products, but to prepare your homes, balconies and create your summer oasis for the white summer ahead. Here you can have a look into our WHITE SUMMER lookbook. We would love to hear your impressions, feedback and comments. 🤍



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