Behind the scenes w/ ChabiChic

The story of Dance de Minuit started in Morocco in 2020. And one might say, the last day of my Marrakech trip, just before I will board my plane back to Europe, one little store at the Moroccan bazaar changed my life and started something I will market, jointly with my business partner in August 2020, as Dance de Minuit.

I remember it like it was yesterday because I knew, when I laid my eyes on that little store, that this is something I will bring back to Europe. Except I did not know back then that it will become more than a ceramic kitchen set in my already too heavy suitcase. Today I am extremely happy that jointly with Clemens and our local partner in Morocco, Chabi Chic, we have started this journey which brings us so much joy and excitement. And yes, you got it by now, ChabiChic is THAT little store in Morocco. Here is their quick story.

As our local distributor and local brand who has cultivated an authentic art of living inspired by its own Moroccan craft industry, ChabiChic defined its concept by ensuring that all products are 100% handmade in Morocco. Morocco has always been recognized for the richness of its craftsmanship. Lately Moroccan artisans were able to adapt to the demands of the international clients and reorient their art towards different cultural trends. And while the world is changing and the society is returning back to basics, towards more local, handmade and sustainable, ChabiChic is ensuring that their flagship is paving a way to a new era of living. 

If you ever visit Morocco, my recommendation is to visit their stores in the vibrant Marrakech bazaars (with the big suitcase in your hand). In case Morocco is not yet on your bucket list, we hope you find something interesting, for you and your home, right here in our online store. In case you, just like me in Marrakech last year, find everything so beautiful, but budget is limited, I personally recommend starting with the ‘caftan’ mug or the ‘caftan’ cup from our collection. They are definitely my own must-haves in every household.


In case you have any feedback, recommendation or question regarding this blog post, I would love to hear from you.

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Super post Iva! Stvarno ste super digli cijelu pricu, samo naprijed!


That‘s really inspiring! Keep on doing the great stuff that you do!


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