From nightmare to nightcare

The old Native American legend says that all our nightmares can be caught by a net of hand-pulled feathers carefully hanging over our beds. But did "Red Cloud" and "Bull Who Sits" actually believe in that kind of legend? Well, I certainly hope we all still believe in a good myth.

I am not yet a mother, but I do surround myself regularly with lots of mothers, new mums, and interestingly enough kindergarten teachers. Our almost monthly topic over a cup of freshly roasted coffee (served in beautiful Chabi cups ☕️) is how to get a child out of the parents bed. Impressively enough, the research says it is easier to transition a child from milk bottle to a glass, from diapers to a to toilet than to get them out of your bed. I am confident there are many mothers out there, nodding their head while reading this, right? You put your kid to sleep in their own bed, in their own room and wake up with her/his legs over your nose. Although those late night visits are utmost adorable, you still kind of want to stop a bed-sharing. However, the little cracks and noises, darkness and looniness, usually triggers that midnight sentence: 'Mum, I am scared. Can I sleep with you?'

According to the advice from it is important to set physical boundaries which can convince a child to stay in her/his room. Some parents use the trick of a 'magic' gate at the doorway, but I still somehow like the 'magic' of the old Native American night catcher. Convincing a child that her/his night catcher will capture all the 'bad' things or 'bad' dreams during the night and keep them safe, is an ultimate nightcare fairytale.

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Until further blogging, happy dreaming.






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