Japan meets Morocco w/in our fusion collection


Food is a serious business in any household, right? But how many of us can proudly claim that they can prepare Japanese eatery at home. I am the first to shy away by putting my hands up.

It does not come as a surprise to learn that there is much preparation needed when it comes to Japanese food cooking. For not so super handy in the kitchen, like myself, preparing a simple sushi plate comes as an overambitious goal. However, as the Japanese kitchen is known by being one of the healthiest ones, I never stopped trying. Here is my ultimate receipt, I always come back to, for the simplest sushi making in your own kitchen.

The philosophy of the Japanese cookery is based on simplicity which is manifested in the quality and usage of the certain ingredients while preparing the food. Inspired by that approach, our first Dance de Minuit fusion collection has been created. Handcrafted by the local Moroccan artisans, we aimed to produce a simple but qualitative tableware for your homemade Sushi or Miso soups. In our JAPAN x MOROCCO collection, we present four tableware products from tea set to Nigiri trays starting from 25€ onwards. 

Bring a beautiful Moroccan design to your Japanese eatery and share your moment with us via #dancedeminuitmoments.

Bon appetit! 




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